The Stories We Could Tell

You’re Doing What?

It was well after 10 pm one night last November… James and I sat next to each other on the couch diligently working on our laptops. We looked over at each other and agreed that working well into the evening just wasn’t a lifestyle that we wanted. Later that weekend, over Thai food, we dreamed of hostel-ing though Europe or sailing to Mexico. 2010 came along and I got laid off and our dreams kept growing. James decided he was at a crossroads in his career, and with no mortgage, no car payments, no rugrats, and our lease on our house about to be up we decided it was time for an adventure!!! So, we put all of our stuff in storage, we bought an F-150 and a travel trailer and we are hitting the open road! We aren’t sure where our travels will take us, so follow us on this blog…


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  1. What an amazing trip you have had so far. Love the pictures and your stories. Joe, Susanne, Lisa and I were at Eatons’ Ranch at the base of the Bighorn Mts. the beginning of July. It was really hard coming back home. Hope you continue to have many great adventures!! Love, Randi

    Comment by Randi Ault | August 10, 2010 | Reply

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