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Our travels have officially ended – Boo Hoo

Sad but true. Our (almost) year of amazing travel experiences has come to an end. It’s unbelievable how time flies. We had so much fun, met so many great people, had unforgettable experiences, and managed to fall even more in love. 2010 surely was good to us. It was hard to say goodbye to the best year of our lives, but we are also excited for 2011. The past year helped us discover what we are passionate about, what is important in our everyday lives, and what we want for ourselves and our family. We look forward to pursuing those things, and might I say, it may actually be fun to finally go back to work (I know I will eat those words someday soon)   : )

Thanks again for coming along with us on our adventures… we couldn’t have done it without you!  For those of your worried about blog withdrawal, I have a few suggestions: James writes a great blog about all things fitness. Find it at There you will find suggested exercises, fitness information, and other great health tips… just in time for your fitness New Year’s Resolution!

We also love Call it nepotism, but I disagree! This blog is a must read! It chronicles the adventures of Liz Clark (James’ amazing sister). She has been sailing by herself all over the world for the past five years! Currently she is in Tahiti. Read her blog to hear about how she met and surfed with Jimmy Buffett, how her dinghy became a miniature Noah’s ark, what she is doing to promote environmentalism, and more! Definitely one to add to your favorites!

Here are some other great blogs that we love! Check them out!

Thanks again for all of your support! We promise to post any exciting updates that happen in our life… in the meantime, we’ll miss you!

Bria and James


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Ko Phi Phi

A quick boat ride from Phuket gets you to Ko Phi Phi (pronounced Pee Pee). This island is amazingly beautiful – it’s no wonder they filmed Leonardo DiCaprio’s “The Beach” here. This was also the scene of great devastation from the Tsunami in 2004. As you can see from the photos, the heart of Phi Phi where the majority of hotels, nightlife, eateries, and locals live, is just a small strip of land with water on both sides. Photos that we saw post-Tsunami showed that piece of land had been truly rocked by the waters. Half of the buildings were knocked completely down. It was really inspiring to see how quickly the city rebounded. Besides the few photos we saw, one would never know a Tsunami even hit there. New hotels and restaurants have been built, and the city is once again thriving.

The most memorable part of our visit was boat tour around Phi Phi and the surrounding islands. Pops hired a local gentleman to take us out for the day on his long tail boat. Captain Bai gave us a great tour of the area complete with stops at all of the best snorkeling spots. The fish were massive, plentiful and so colorful. I wished I had a waterproof camera! We stopped at one of the small islands that served as location for much of Leo’s “The Beach.” Captain Bai said he even met the big star when he was in town and jokingly called himself a “Thai copy” of Leo! LOL Bai, not quite! Our boat tour ended on a very wet note when a huge rain squall suddenly appeared. It rained unbelievably hard for 15 minutes. We had to wait under the tiny boat canopy while the crazy storm passed. The rain finally stopped but left some massive waves in its place. Our ride back to Phi Phi was insanely choppy and supper wet. It was as if we were each drenched with a 20 pound bucket of water every time we hit a wave. All we could do was laugh. By the time we finally hit land we were thoroughly soaked and our sides were sore from all of the laughter! Too much fun!

The next day, we chose an activity that didn’t involve water and hiked to the top of Phi Phi island. The hike was tough, but the views were well worth it. Once we reached the top of the mountain, we could clearly see the entire island. The water is turquoise and the landscape is just stunning. We finished our day by celebrating the King’s birthday with the locals  – another big party in Thailand. We got to see more fireworks and even signed a card to the King! We finished the night with a stop at a club to see one of the famed fire shows. Pretty cool!  Young brave souls swing massive fireballs around their extremities – fun to watch, but not on my list of future careers!

All in all, Phi Phi was a big hit with us, a place we look forward to returning to soon!

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