The Stories We Could Tell


Phuket has simply beautiful beaches. The water was clear as could be and warmer than bath water. We didn’t see any sea life, the waves were few and far between, and the beach was immaculate. Really lovely. We stayed in a part of town called Karon beach. Great outdoor restaurants line the beach, and if you’re lucky, you may even catch an elephant strolling the streets. My favorite part was the street vendors who sold the Thai version of crepes. Delicious for dessert!

To really experience the nightlife of Phuket, you have to venture to Patong. It felt like a cross between Las Vegas and Tijuana. There are more bars than you could count and scantily clad ladies and lady boys beckon you to enter their club. It was total sensory overload but great fun.

We didn’t just party in Phuket, we also got our share of culture too. We stopped at Wat Chalong – noted as one of the most important temples in Phuket for its healing powers. People who pray there must have pretty good success in getting their prayers answered. You see, it is customary to thank Buddha for a wish he grants you by giving an offering of fireworks. Fireworks were booming during our entire visit – lots of answered prayers!

We also went to see the Giant Buddha atop Nakkard Hills. The structure is massive sitting at 45 meters high and with a base 25 meters wide. She’s a big girl. You can spot her pretty much wherever you are in town, and once you actually make it to the top of the hill see her in person, the views of Phuket are unmatched.


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