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Lopburi – aka Monkey Town

Welcome to Lopburi, a town run by monkeys. Seriously. They even have an honorary monkey mayor. There are so many monkeys running around here, it is amazing. They all tend to congregate around the temple Prang Sam Yot. Lucky for us, we happened to be in town on the day of the Lopburi Monkey Festival. Turns out the locals host a huge party for the monkeys every year in November. Thais, who believe donating food will bring them good fortune, gave the monkeys over 2,000 kilograms of food. Yikes. We saw monkeys drinking from personal milk bottles, feasting on all sorts of fruit, and even licking huge ice sculptures made sweet by various fruity flavorings. We had been warned that the monkeys in Lopburi were very aggressive and had no qualms about stealing your hat, purse, or whatever you may have in your hands at the moment. Fortunately for us, the monkeys we saw were too fat and happy to even notice that we were there.

The celebration was complimented by dance performances from some locals. Our favorite was their rendition of the monkey mating dance. Not only were they dressed in monkey suits, complete with disturbing monkey mask, but they even pulled my dad from the crowd to get him in on the action. He was a great sport until one of the “monkeys’ jumped on his back… not really his type of mating dance.


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