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Temples and Traditions

Here are some more pics from some interesting temples we visited in the Khao Tao area. The Wat Huay Mongkol (the temple of the Black Monk) is steeped in tradition. The Black Monk is one of the most revered monks in Thailand because of the miracles he was able to perform (one of which was his ability to desalinate water). Many Thai people visit this temple to pray for luck, happiness and good fortune. A gigantic figure of the miracle making monk sits at the top of a flight of steps. Two massive black wooden elephants stand on either side of the steps. To increase the likelihood that one would have good luck, local people circle the elephants walking under the bellies of the carved beasts three times for good luck, or throw coins into the mouth of the elephant. We partook in all of these traditions – one can never have too much good luck, right?

The Khao Takieb temple is also known as monkey mountain. There were truly monkeys everywhere. And they were aggressive. These monkeys had no fear and would gladly take whatever you had in your hands and eat it. I clung tightly to James and my Dad and wished that I had a stick. I guess they were just Buddhist monkeys who also wanted to see the temple, and it was pretty cool to see monkeys so up close and personal. Surrounding the temple exterior is a series of bells that you are supposed to ring in succession (again for luck). This was made a little intimidating because there were monkeys sitting under the bells. But in the interest of luck, we managed to avoid the monkeys and ring all of the bells! Success!


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