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Loy Krathong – Bangkok

We were super fortunate to have our visit to Bangkok coincide with Loy Krathong, a celebration marking the end of the rainy season and the rice harvest. This is a huge party in Thailand complete with an illuminated boat parade along the Chao Phraya River, fireworks, and the launching of Krathongs down the river. The Krathong looks like a small floating flower vessel… made of banana leaves with the stem as its base, the Krathong boasts flowers, a candle, and three incense sticks. With the candle and incense lit, you are supposed to float your Krathong down the river to carry away your sins and bad luck. Thais would often put an offering of money in their Krathong in hopes for good luck with money. It is such a cool tradition and such a great party, we truly had a blast. We got right in on the action and floated our Krathongs down the river hoping it stole away our sins too!

One of the most interesting spectacles of the night was the “recycling” of Krathongs. Young boys jumped in the not-so-clean river to pluck floating Krathongs from the river to resell. They would also pocket any money left in the Krathong. No one seemed to bat an eye at these enterprising young men. Turns out the largely Buddhist population of Thailand believes those who are in that serious of need have the right to take. We happily floated second hand Krathongs – reduce, reuse, recycle, right? I can already feel those sins slipping away!


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  1. What a unique celebration and you were so fortunate to have been in Thailand for it. I’ve enjoyed all your commentaries and photos. Life has been good for you and James in 2010. May your luck continue through 2011!

    Comment by jamey | December 30, 2010 | Reply

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