The Stories We Could Tell

Bangkok, Thailand

Our vacation got off to a great start as soon as we got to the airport (4 hours before our flight) – pops had upgraded our seats to Business class!!! Thank goodness!  Our first flight was a brutal 16 hour trip to Hong Kong. The lengthy flight was made tolerable by the adorable little pods you get in Business class. You can actually lay the seat entirely flat, they give you Murad skin products and cozy socks, and feed you more food and drinks than a human should consume in 16 hours. My favorite part was the personal TVs that enable you to watch any movie you want, whenever you want to watch it (I saw three)! I was having so much fun, I barely even took a nap!

After 19 hours in the air, we finally arrived in Bangkok. Our tour guide (aka, Dad) took over from there. Turns out he speaks a great deal of Thai (or Thai-glish as James and I call it). He took us on a great 3-day tour of the massive city of Bangkok (over 8 million people reside there).

Our first day was spent checking out two of the most popular temples there: Wat Po and Wat Phraw Kaew (Wat means temple in Thai). Wat Po is the temple of the Reclining Buddha and the city’s largest Wat. It is striking. The 150 foot Buddha statue, covered in gold, is massive and takes up most of the space in the building. She is resting on her side and her feet alone stand 10 feet tall. She was quite an introduction to Thailand and pretty much took our breath away. Our first temple stop also introduced us to some of the Thai temple traditions. It is customary to give an offering to Buddha – that consists of lighting a candle and incense and leaving a flower at the statue of Buddha. Then, while on folded knees, Thai people bow three times and pray to Buddha. We got in the Thai spirit and did this at every temple visit we made.

One of the fun treats of visiting a temple is getting your fortune told, Thai style! There are several long plastic sticks in a cylinder. The idea is that you shake the cylinder until one of the sticks falls out. That stick has a number that coincides with your fortune. Very fun!

Our next temple stop was Wat Phraw Kaew, one of the most embellished and ornate temples in Thailand. The highlight of the temple is a 31 inch emerald Buddha made of jade (no photos allowed). Its history can be traced back to 1464, and found its home at Wat Phraw Kaew wehn King Rama I built the temple.


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  1. Very interesting! Is the glistening of your cheeks from Thai food or Thai weather?

    Comment by Uncle Ken | December 22, 2010 | Reply

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