The Stories We Could Tell

Seaside, FL

As my mom and I boarded the plane in San Diego it was a stifling mid-80 degree day. So Cal was in the midst of a heatwave. But no fear, the sundresses and shorts packed in our suitcases would get plenty of wear when we reached our final destination in Seaside. Certainly Florida’s panhandle would be much warmer than San Diego. Boy were we wrong!

Our trip would coincide with Ma’s birthday. We had plans for beach days, pool days, spa days, beach walk days, outdoor film festivals, and more. Pretty much everything you would expect to do in idyllic beach community. Mother Nature had another itinerary in store for us. The panhandle was freezing. So cold, that we spent a day of our vacation at Target stocking up on gloves, hats, scarves and long underwear. For two days straight the skies opened up and released a years worth of rain. It reached the low 20s the night of the outdoor film festival. We both lost feeling in our feet, and took days to finally warm up.

But seeing as we are certified “ladies of leisure” we didn’t let the weather get the best of us. We got in one beach day in (our first day there). We still managed to have a delicious celebratory bday dinner. And we still hit up the spa, but passed on lunch by the pool afterward.

Thanks for a great trip mom!  Next time we travel in the summer!!!!


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