The Stories We Could Tell

Redwood National Park

Coastal Redwoods are huge. That is not an understatement; they are the world’s tallest trees. They can grow up to 380 feet (picture a 38 story high rise) and their base can be up to 22 feet in diameter. Huge. They are super resilient and usually live around 700 years. A single old-growth coastal Redwood tree consumes up to 500 gallons of water each day (a third of which comes from the fog)!!! Wow!

Walking through the Redwood Forest is awe inspiring. The trees are so tall, you often cannot see the top. It makes a lot of sense that Jurassic Park II was filmed here. You almost feel as if you are taken back to the days when dinosaurs ruled the land.

The famed “Big Tree” in the park was crazy. At 1,500 years old, it has a circumference of 68 feet and is 287 feet tall. There is no way to capture its massiveness in a photo, but we tried.

The best part of our visit is that we finally saw a bear! We have been hoping the entire trip that we would spot one. It happened as we drove away from the Lady Bird Johnson Grove. A little black bear cub appeared suddenly on the side of the road. He stayed just long enough for us to get a good glance, but scampered away into the trees before we could snap any pics. Ahhh, our trip is now complete!


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