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Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the US (1,943 feet). Fed by only rain and snow, the lake is considered to be the cleanest body of water in the world. The intense blue color of the water is awe inspiring. You have to see it in person to really appreciate just how blue the waters really are. The lake rests in a crater formed over 7,700 years ago from a volcanic eruption. We took a drive around the entire rim of the park that offered many awesome views of the lake. To get an even better look, we hiked up Mount Scott to the park’s highest peak (almost 9,000 feet in elevation). Stunning.

Side note: The day prior to our visit, a couple visiting from Washington had quite an adventure. They stopped their car during a drive around the rim to take a closer look at Crater Lake. They left their dog in the car as they expected it would be a quick stop (as we often do with Tucker). Unfortunately, they forgot to set the emergency brake and the car began to roll backwards down the slope, ultimately falling over 1,100 feet… and the their Dingo-Akita mix was still inside! Luckily the pooch was ejected through the sunroof and bounded back to its owners in less than 15 minutes flat. The dog was a bit bruised, but is expected to be just fine! The car didn’t fare too well… it was removed from the lake a few days later via helicopter!


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