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“Buy a man a beer and he’ll waste an hour. Teach a man to brew and he’ll waste a lifetime.” Anonymous

My dad loves a good project. He’s the consummate do-it-yourselfer, adept at any project requiring mechanical, electrical, plumbing, or woodworking skills. About two years ago he added ‘home brewer’ to his arsenal . And the beer was actually REALLY GOOD! Not long after, I was given a lesson, all the requisite supplies, and I have been brewing my own beer ever since (save for the past few months in the Clark Trailer Express). Dad, I thank you!

Now let me say that Bria has been a great sport about all of this. The home brewing process inevitably makes a huge mess in the kitchen, and despite my efforts to clean it up, the aromas of boiled grains, malt, and hops linger. Mind you, these aren’t bad smells but not what you necessarily want your house to smell like. For someone like Bria who cherishes cleanliness this is not optimal – so her support has been most appreciated.

Enter “The Answer” aka Gallagher’s U Brew in Edmonds, WA (just outside of Seattle). My cousin Meredith and her husband Dirk told us about this house of genius. It is the perfect solution for the homebrewer – do all of your brewing, fermenting, and bottling at Gallagher’s. All of the brewing supplies can be purchased there or you can bring your own. Basically you do all the dirty work in a purpose built facility with industrial style brew kettles, fermenting lockers (temp/humidity controlled), and bottle washers. You bring home awesome brew that you made yourself, and no smelly kitchen. Wife is happy – you are happy. Brilliant.

So, dad, thanks for the lesson and supplies. And when you are ready to retire – how about a “U Brew” in SD?


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  1. James – This could be your next calling, unless you already have a job lined up when/if you and Bria decide to come in off the road. Bria could do the marketing/PR and you could be come a brew master.

    Comment by Jamey Hirsch | September 16, 2010 | Reply

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