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Every once in a while you stumble into something new that just makes your life better. A new band, a new author, a new food, a new friend…there’s nothing quite like that feeling of discovering something new. Well friends, my recent peek into the world of artisan bar tending has been one of these times.

Coming of (drinking) age in bars normally tended by youngsters speedily sloshing together a vodka-red bull, jack-n-coke, etc did not give me much appreciation for the craft. Quantity, never quality. That changed after a visit to the Mistral Kitchen in Seattle and tasting a few drinks prepared by Andrew, who runs the bar. Seattle people – go there. If you visit Seattle – put this on the to do list. The effort, knowledge, and passion that he puts into the craft of true bar tending will blow you away. Take a peak at the concoctions we sampled:

My drink was a bourbon concoction and Bria’s was Andrew’s take on a margarita (complete with strawberry infused tequila). Much like my experience with brewing my own beer, the difference in quality is remarkable. Andrew also maintains an entertaining and educational blog which I would highly recommend for anyone interested in learning about making real cocktails and having a few laughs while you are at it.



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