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Seattle: Ballard and Fremont

One of the coolest things about Seattle is the city’s distinctive neighborhoods. Each hood has its own unique flavor, so you can really find your niche. Two of our favs were Ballard and Fremont.

Our pal Ryan took us on a tour of Ballard. Our first stop was their Sunday farmers market – a.k.a. Heaven. Simply beautiful bouquets of flowers were only $5. They sold fresh cheeses, veggies and fruits, and even have a stand with wood-fired pizza. Delicious. The best farmers market we have been to yet.

We also visited the famed Locks. Boats coming from the lake (where the altitude and thus the water level is higher than sea level) stop here on their way to Puget Sound (which is at sea level). The boat pulls into the Locks where the water level is equal to that of the lake. The Locks are then sealed and water is drained out until it reaches sea level. The boat can then continue on its merry way… quite a process to watch. Believe it or not, the salmon swimming upstream to spawn encounter the same altitude problem as the boats. Seattle has taken measures to help their scaly friends out too. A “salmon ladder” was constructed to enable the swimmers to go from the Puget Sound into the lake. Very cool. The best part is an underwater viewing area that allows those of us without gills to watch to salmon fight their way upstream. Pretty inspiring.

Fremont has a bit of a hippie vibe. Lots of cool shops and interesting architecture. Our favorite stop was Norms Pub and Eatery. Not only was the food epic, but you can even order 40 oz of PBR that will be served to you in a brown bag. Classy. If that wasn’t enough to make our hearts skip a beat, the joint allows dogs! That’s right, Tucker got to enjoy a meal with us inside a real-life restaurant. Epic. Rumor has it Fremont even has their own troll that lives beneath the bridge in the town. We didn’t find it ourselves, but we are looking forward to hunting him down next time we are in town!


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  1. Love your writing and pics. We went to a salmon ladder with underwater viewing. Don’t know if it was this one but it was quite interesting. PBR in brown bag – what class! HA! Enjoy! We love you!

    Comment by Jamey | September 9, 2010 | Reply

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