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Banff and Lake Louise

We finally made it to Canada and Tucker loves it here. He was already fond of the place as two of his favorite humans, other than James and me, are Canadian (our friends Steve and Cathy). But the poor dog has been excluded from many of our adventures, as pups aren’t allowed on the trails in US National Parks. Not in Canada… they welcome all four-legged friends on the trails in their parks. Good thing too because our hikes in Banff and Lake Louise took us to some beautiful places. Tuck even got to see his first waterfall, although he was a bit frightened.

The town of Banff is charming. Being accustomed to the US National Parks we never expected such a big town in the middle of the park. It was super crowded – think Disneyland in the summer. There is a great cross section of Canadians, Americans, Europeans, and Asians, which makes for delicious people watching. We were able to get off the beaten path when we had dinner at an upstairs brewery where we sat outside on the deck. We had a birdseye view of the main street downtown, very entertaining.

We also visited the Banff Springs Hotel – a classic railway hotel. It was so beautiful. I was drooling over the thought of staying in a hotel for the night… but the price certainly was not right. High season rates are pretty steep. Being in a less than 200 square foot trailer for the last 3 and a half months really has me craving a long shower with an endless supply of hot water and high pressure… simple pleasures!

My grandmother had always talked of the beauty of Lake Louise, so I was excited to finally get to see it for myself. And it did not disappoint. We took a great hike along the lake. There is still snow on the mountains and a bit of a chill in the air. Lake Louise houses its own railway hotel – the Chateau Lake Louise. If you visit, go off season so you can really enjoy the beauty of the town without the massive crowds.


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  1. We love following your travels. Mark & I explored the national parks for two months the first year after our marriage. We recently returned to Banff and Lake Louise and took the hike around the lake up to the tea house and glaciers. Wow, it truly is amazing. I love the Canadaian countryside. Don’t miss Glacier National Park if you can and Wateron (Canada). Keep writing and posting the beautiful pictures. Treasure these moments and memories.

    Comment by Sharon Freilich | August 24, 2010 | Reply

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