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Glacier National Park

If you want to see the glaciers in Glacier National Park you better get there soon. In 1850 there were 150 glaciers. Today only 25 remain in the park. Scientists predict that all of the glaciers will be gone in less than 20 years. We are glad we got to see them now! The park is stunningly beautiful.

We spent our first day driving the Going-to-the-Sun highway that winds through the majority of the park. It is one of the prettiest drives in the US – you pass lakes, waterfalls, glaciers, green valleys, and in our case, mountain goats.

Our second day at the park we went to the Many Glacier area to hike to Grinnell Glacier – the park’s “most accessible glacier.” We were told this area has a high concentration of Grizzly bears, so we brought along our bear spray for this hike. Experts tell you the worst thing you can do is surprise a bear, so they encourage people to sing, talk loudly and clap their hands while hiking so bears will hear you and get out of your way. This makes for interesting hiking: we heard several groups chanting cadences, there were several renditions of the song “Day-0,” and many people were ringing bells. I on the other hand, really wanted to see a bear, so I was very disappointed that James’ voice seemed to get louder and louder as we talked during our hike. We didn’t end up seeing a bear, but did encounter some of the most beautiful scenery to date. The water is aqua, the glaciers surrounded by waterfalls, and the forest is dense, lush, and carpeted with wild flowers. No wonder bears like to call this place home.

For our third and final day in the park, we hiked to Avalanche Lake. The entire hike follows a river that has many waterfalls and rushing rapids. Huge, dense cedar trees create a thick forest canopy. The forest was so dense and green it looked like Endor from Star Wars. No bears (again, boo) but a deer did cross directly in front of us on the trail. He was so close to us, the pictures were taken with no zoom. The hike ends at beautiful Avalanche Lake.


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  1. This was one of our favorite spots too! How can you leave without seeing a bear?

    Comment by Jamey | August 19, 2010 | Reply

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