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Whitewater Rafting – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Our first adventure in Jackson took us out to the Snake River for some river rafting. The actual rafting part was great. We hit class 2 and 3 rapids and got to see some really beautiful scenery. The guide put James in the front, so he took the brunt of the white water and had to do a lot of paddling. We braved the 58-degree waters and jumped in for a swim, floating down the river in one of the calm, deep portions. This was “the good”.

The bad – rafting is one of those activities you really can’t photograph yourself. Even with a waterproof camera or case, you would run a high risk of the camera (or you) going overboard. So, of course there are companies that sit on the side of the riverbanks and snap photos while the tourist slosh through the rapids. And like so many of these photographers that prowl tourist attractions throughout the USA, their services do not come cheap. It’s more like extortion in this case since no one brings a camera. $80 for a disk with 5 pictures on it. We decided we couldn’t support that, despite really wanting a picture for the memories. Instead we decided we should start our own photo company, charge fair prices, and put them out of business! Who’s with us?!

Here are the links to the proofs which you can look at for free!

As much as the photo extortion makes our blood boil, another event that day put this trivial frustration into perspective. A man had been swept away by the river trying to save his son the day before. They were swimming in an eddy where the river is relatively calm but got too far out into the current. The man successfully pushed his young son back into calm waters but was not able to get himself safely back to shore. The search and rescue teams were out in force looking for him but at that point it was assumed it would be a recovery mission. A sobering and ugly reminder of the power of the river.


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  1. Sweeters, We just read about the man and his son, I cannot imagine such a tragedy. Glad that you had the experience of the rapids, we’ve done it, too fun, but what’s up with the gouging on the pic’s? Loving your great blog, thanks xxoo

    Comment by auntie | August 1, 2010 | Reply

  2. Just looked at the rafting photos. Wow, you guys are nuts!
    It looks a bit hairy to me. So glad you enjoyed!

    Comment by melissa clark | August 3, 2010 | Reply

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