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Jackson, WY

No wonder Johnny Cash and June Carter were so excited about going to Jackson (well, that wasn’t actually Jackson, WY but we pretended it was)! This town is awesome. Great place for summer fun.

We took full advantage of downtown Jackson. We ate a ton (if you come here be sure to dine at Teton Thai for dinner and the Bunnery for breakfast – divine)! We also hit up the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, a great watering hole. The seats at the bar are actually horse saddles, even equipped with stirrups! Apparently there are a million dollars worth of silver dollars in the bar, but we were more impressed with a stuffed bear that someone had apparently killed with his bare hands!

The highlight of our visit had to be our trip to the Teton County Fair. No, we didn’t ride the rides, pet the mini horses in the petting zoo, or gorge ourselves on funnel cake. We were there for one reason and one reason alone: Pig Wrestling (or “wrassling” to use the vernacular)! A true sight to behold. The whole town comes out to see the debauchery. Kids and adults alike try their hand at pig wrestling. Here’s the deal: Teams of four people (often in amazing costumes) ranging in age from 6 to 66 have one minute to chase down a pig and put it (butt down) into a barrel. It is a lot harder than it sounds. The arena is full of mud and the pigs are fast and slick… not to mention heavy. Adults have to wrestle 250 pound porkers. Kids age 9-14 get a break with a 75 pound pig, and kids under 9 get lucky with 25 pound piglets.

Note that this is mostly a “locals” thing – not many tourists in the crowd. It was like the rodeo scene in Borat at the beginning – the queen of the county fair rides out in the bed of a pickup, in her flashiest cowgirl getup, holding the stars and stripes and we all sing the national anthem (the real one – not the Borat one) complete with the requisite hoots, hollers, and yee-haws at the end. The wrassling kicked off and for the next 2 hours we laughed and cheered continuously at both the event below and the people in the stands (the people watching was as good as the pig wrassling). We considered volunteering as participants if there were any vacancies that evening…until we noticed that the pigs often doo-doo’ed right there in the mud as they were being chased around the ring. Fortunately we had not made any commitments to fill in!


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  1. Oh how fun! Too bad you weren’t able to get in there a frolic in the mud with the pigs!

    Comment by Jamey | August 2, 2010 | Reply

  2. Wow…… patriotic “pointers” in Wyoming!! What a riot :))

    Comment by auntie | August 2, 2010 | Reply

  3. I heard somewhere that pig poop is good for the complexion.

    Comment by UncleRob | August 5, 2010 | Reply

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