The Stories We Could Tell

Boise, ID

Before we got to Boise, we read an article in The Economist praising the town. Basically the mag touts Boise as a place with great quality of life with many job opportunities (especially in tech). The article is literally titled “In Praise of Boise” – you can read it for yourself at As you can imagine, we were very excited to visit after learning the Brits held the city with such high regard!

We must admit, we were pleasantly surprised by Boise. The downtown area is great fun… lots to do (we stumbled upon an outdoor concert on a Wednesday night), lots of young people, and cool places to eat/drink. There are plenty of parks downtown for biking or walking your pooch. We had a delightful afternoon picnic just outside of a rose garden. Evenings are fun too… the night seems to go on forever because in Boise it doesn’t get dark until 10 pm.

During our stay we:
*hiked in the rolling Idaho hills. Crickets lined the trail and made their best efforts to jump up our shorts. Tucker was in heaven trying to catch all the buggers in his mouth.
*visited the Basque District and ate at a traditional Basque restaurant – yum!
*toured an old penitentiary. The prison hasn’t been in use since the early 1970’s but it was still chilling to see the conditions the prisoners lived in. Solitary confinement would have been intolerable. We read a story about a kid in solitary that stole the spoon off his dinner tray. The guards said they would not let him out until he returned the spoon… so he stayed there for 7 long months until he finally returned the utensil! Seven months with no shower!!! That’s one stubborn kid!

The downside: Downtown was definitely the highlight of Boise – the suburban areas left something to be desired. Lots of tract homes and Walmarts. And it is hot! It hit triple digits almost every day we were there.

Now we are on to cooler temps (we hope) in Sun Valley!


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  1. Sweeters.. I’m loving this! I feel like I’m in you back pocket…..soooo fun,thanks xxxxoooo

    Comment by auntie | July 20, 2010 | Reply

  2. . . . and you would think it would be cooler that far north!

    Comment by Jamey | July 20, 2010 | Reply

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