The Stories We Could Tell

Salt Lake City, UT

We were fortunate enough to have our own personal tour guide in Salt Lake City! Lucky for us, James’ dear friend Blake (from the elementary school days back in Rancho) lives there and showed us a truly great time. Blake took us to the best restaurants (a Brazilian steakhouse, a delicious brewery, a saloon) and showed us the most fun attractions (Park City, Olympic Park, downtown Salt Lake City, the Mormon temple).

Our fun started in Park City. We checked out the adorable town then headed up to the mountains. Blake and James convinced me to take the chair lift up the mountain so we could ride the Alpine Slide down. Super fun and I still have all of my limbs – bonus! We also visited Olympic Park that hosted the Winter olympics back in 2002. The bobsled and luge tracks are still there, as is the ski long jump – athletes still use those facilities to train. We tried to get James on a zip line, but to no avail. Blake and decided we would kidnap him and make him zip by force next time! We did all enjoy watching some brave folks practice on the ski jump… then land right in a huge pool below. Very entertaining.

Blake also showed us downtown Salt Lake City. The highlight there is most definitely the Mormon temple. It is simply beautiful! Although we couldn’t go inside, seeing the temple from the outside and enjoying the gardens on the property was still breathtaking. A must-see if you make it to Salt Lake.

The next day, the boys had a manly day watching the World Cup final and hitting the links.

It was a great visit thanks to our super host! Blake, thanks for spending so much time with us! We miss you already!


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  1. ack! the alpine slides! that’s how i got the scar on my shoulder (although via Vermont, not Utah).

    Comment by Krista | July 15, 2010 | Reply

  2. Blake’s puppies are so cute. Did Tucker just love Daisy? Is he playful or coy?

    Comment by melissa clark | July 19, 2010 | Reply

    • Although Tucker did pause to cuddle with Daisy, he was much more interested in destroying all of their toys! Iris was too tough for him – she put him in his place when he tried to eat from her food bowl!

      Comment by clarkski | July 19, 2010 | Reply

  3. Did Tucker like Iris?

    Comment by melissa clark | July 19, 2010 | Reply

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