The Stories We Could Tell

Arches National Park

James has a bad reputation when it comes to hikes. He tried to kill me once in Catalina. He took me on a beautiful hike, but failed to mention that the way down was a steep vertical 3 mile path that was lined with cactus. Not nice. I threatened to kill him the whole way down – he was only saved because I needed him to find my way back to civilization. As a result, I am always a bit weary when he leads me on a hike. A similar thing happened in Arches National Park, but this time it wasn’t actually James’ fault. We should have known something was up right away… the ranger that we went to for advice on which hikes to take seemed like she was having a bad day. Turns out it must have been a VERY bad day. She picked 2 hikes for us that would total just under 7.5 miles. Sounds good, right? Keep in mind temps push the mid 90s by the middle of the day… HOT! The first hike went well. It was a 3 mile trail that takes you up to the Delicate Arch. It was very strenuous as you have to hike a mile up steep slickrock with sharp increses in elevation. But the end was very rewarding: the classic arch you see photographed at Arches National Park.

The second didn’t go so well. It began as most hikes do, climbing over a few rocks, hiking up a pretty steep incline. But before we knew it we were scaling rock formations and shimmying along the side of mountains. Suddenly the trail came to a 30 foot vertical rock formation – it was either climb that or turn back. Huge, deep crevices on either side of the formation waited for you to make foul step. After coaching me through a panic attack, James finally encouraged me to climb up the rock. The hike continued with more treacherous moves – jumping from one rock formation to another, walking along narrow “fin” rock formations while vultures fly above your head taunting you to trip. An exhausting hike not to mention it was 97 degrees by the time we finished. I think the ranger was trying to kill us.


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  1. Wow too fun! The delicate arch pic is now joining other family photo’s that I look at daily xxoo

    Comment by auntie | July 7, 2010 | Reply

  2. But you made it! Hip, hip hooray! The photos are great. We enjoyed the Arches’ Nat’l Park too but didn’t do any of this strenuous hiking. Good for you. You will enjoy retelling these stories again and again.

    Comment by Jamey | July 7, 2010 | Reply

  3. Great pics! So glad you made it. Am curious, though, what husband do you have your eye on East of the Mississippi? 🙂

    Comment by Krista in Kentucky | July 7, 2010 | Reply

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