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Rocky Mountain National Park

After 34 blissful days in Colorado, we decided it was time to explore another state… We just made it to Moab and we are excited to see what Utah has to offer!

As our final sendoff from Colorado, we visited the Rocky Mountain National Park. What a way to go. The Rockies are amazingly beautiful. Actually, beautiful doesn’t even do the Rockies justice. We should create a new word to really convey how amazing those Mountains are. We’ll call it “gorgeoustunnamazeiful.” Hopefully you can see what we mean from the pictures – better yet, plan your summer vacation now to go to the Rockies for yourself… and do like the friendly ranger told us, “Go take a hike.”

That’s exactly what we did – a 7.5 mile hike to be specific. The Ranger told us about two different hikes that were connected – one path would take us to the Loch, the other to Mills Lake. He suggested we do both and try to pick our favorite lake. As we approached the Loch, we came across a bit of a surprise: snow! We had no idea that there would still be snow on the trail as the temperature was pushing 80 degrees. Guess we should have brought spikes for our shoes! James effortlessly navigated the new terrain, while I spent the duration slipping and sliding until I landed on my rear. But we made it to both lakes, which were beautiful – clear water rimmed by mountains. We couldn’t pick a favorite though – they were too pretty! A truly great end to our experience in Colorado.


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Bria, falling on your butt just helps build muscle and character. LOL

    Comment by Jamey | June 30, 2010 | Reply

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