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Denver, CO

Denver is the first big city we have been to so far on the trip. As much as we have loved the peace and quiet in the state/national parks and smaller towns we have been to, we were excited about getting to visit someplace more metropolitan. And a fine metropolis it is. Maybe we were just jonesing for some bright lights, big city living but we had such a blast. One of the fun parts of this trip is debating whether or not we could live in the places we visit, and Denver is probably the first place we will award that distinction. Remember, the bar is pretty high since we both grew up in San Diego aka “America’s Finest City” and most recently lived in Santa Barbara (I don’t think they have a motto like SD but it is a wonderful place) for many years. Don’t get me wrong – we have visited some amazing places along the way but most have not had the variety or job opportunities that would make them realistic spots for a relocation – better for getaways, site-seeing, and relaxation. We would miss the ocean, friends and family, and we would never be able to cheer for Denver sports teams, but it is a great spot. Ok, so what did we like? Here’s a quick run down of our time in Denver:

Rockies game: Although we would normally never cheer for a hated NL West rival of our beloved Padres we couldn’t wait to go see a baseball game. It was inter-league week and the Rockies were playing the Red Sox. Coors Field is nestled in a vibrant part of downtown known as Lower Downtown, or the LoDo district to use the vernacular, which makes going to games so much more fun (just like the Padres moving out of Qualcom/Jack Murphy and into Petco in the Gaslamp in SD). Almost 50% Red Sox fans at the game so we actually did cheer on the Rockies since: #1 we have seen this at Chargers/Pads games and know how much it sucks, and #2 the NL West teams get no respect in the media, especially against big market teams like the Red Sox…so boooooo Red Sox. We had a blast. And the Rockies won.

16th St Mall: This is an area of downtown Denver that is closed off to traffic (although there are buses that drive through at a decent clip so keep a look out) full of shops and, randomly, pianos in the street. We brought Tucker with us and it was great walking and people watching. Surprisingly, it is not the strongest lineup of shops and restaurants but definitely a good spot to explore on foot. And the pianos are just set up every block in what was once the center divide of the road that cut through the area. People can just sit down and play (or try to play). It looks like an attempt to bring an artsy crowd into the area to hang out. Not sure if it is working but definitely was unique.

Red Rocks: We were really bummed that there weren’t going to be any concerts at Red Rocks while we were there. I (James) have had this marked on my list of must-see concert venues for many, many years so it was disappointing not to catch a good band there. BUT…not to fear, the venue is open to the public when there are no events going on so at least we got to do some exploring. There were a ton of people exercising (SB people – lot’s of folks “running the stairs” ala SBCC stadium) and there were some hiking trails around the property. We walked around and tried to picture some of our favorite bands playing there. The place is spectacular. We ran to the top and hiked around (deer running past us on the trail); it was about as good a feel as we could get for the place without going to see a favorite band.

Wash Park: Just South of the downtown is a huge park known to the locals as “Wash Park” (Washington Park). This area really embodies the spirit of the people in Denver: outdoorsy and athletic. We brought Tucker and a few things for a light picnic. We planned on taking a walk prior to indulging in some snacks and beers but even with our “walk” we felt like the laziest people there by a mile. It is a huge piece of property with grass fields, running trails, biking paths, a lake, and many, many volleyball courts. It is also surrounded by beautiful homes and ample parking for all comers. Great place. I felt a little weird cracking a beer as people were jogging by at a fast pace, but we really enjoyed it.

Ok, on with the pictures…


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  1. I heart you guys…way to go on nonstop ultimatefunness. red rocks looks unreeeeeeeeal. Bria is the cutest hotdogger on the planet! Jamesie did you play chopsticks on that pinky piano?

    Comment by Lizzy Clark | June 28, 2010 | Reply

  2. What RV park did you use — Cherry _____ State Park, in Aurora? Denver sounds like you would really enjoy living there – new life adventure!

    Comment by Jamey | June 28, 2010 | Reply

  3. Haha, there weren’t any Clark piano performances but chopsticks or heart and soul would have fit right in with the talent level that day.

    Comment by clarkski | June 28, 2010 | Reply

  4. You two are sooo adorable!! What a blast xxoo LOVE your super cool blog!

    Comment by auntie | June 28, 2010 | Reply

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