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Golden, CO

If you have ears you’ve heard of Golden, Colorado. Coors calls this town home and sort of put it on the map… but more on that in a second.

Golden was actually the original capitol of Colorado, but lost the honor by one vote (bummer). We enjoyed checking out the downtown and the lovely park areas. Coors has its finger on everything here – there is a Coors credit union, a Coors University…. the list goes on. Although we enjoyed our afternoon in town, the highlight was the Coors brewery tour. Have I mentioned that James and I like beer? And that he really likes brewing beer? It was cool to see the whole process on a huge scale – and smell the familiar scent of boiling malt permeating the air. The packaging process was also quite amazing… 12ers of Coors were buzzing by us faster than we could say “yummy.” We got to sample some great beers too: our favorites were: Batch 19 and Colorado Native. Batch 19 is actually a pre-prohibition recipe that was just unearthed. The recipe was created in 1919 (hence the name). It is currently unavailable in stores as it is only being test marketed in a few bars across the country. Rumor has it there are three bars in San Francisco pouring this and it’s good… SF friends should be on the lookout. The Colorado Native is just that – Native to Colorado. All of the ingredients are from the great state of Colorado, and it is only sold here. Glad we got to taste it while we are in town!

After our friends at Coors get you good and buzzed (3 free drinks if you are legal) they filter you right into the gift shop… strategic, no? Please check out the amazing 12-pack box hats that James and I are sporting. It took all that we had not to buy them… but don’t be surprised if you catch us donning the Coors light box hats at the next Charger home game!


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  1. Coors Brewery is definitely the highlight of Golden, CO. I love it how everything there is pretty much recycled and how eco friendly the place is. Such a great tour! Glad you guys are having such a blast!

    Comment by Vince Palomarez | June 28, 2010 | Reply

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