The Stories We Could Tell

Colorado Springs Part I

We have had great fortune with the weather gods during this adventure…. that was until we left Glenwood Springs. James did the drive from there to Colorado Springs in the hardest rain we have seen in ages – not too fun when you are pulling a trailer. Four out of our five days in Colorado Springs delivered some crazy weather: rain, hail, thunder, lightening, snow, and such ferocious wind that James got up at 3 am to make sure a tornado wasn’t bearing down on us!

Regardless of the weather, we still managed to do lots of fun things in Colorado Springs! Our first stop was a visit to the Air Force Academy. Very cool to learn a bit more about life as a new cadet (and we thought our college experiences were challenging…)

We also celebrated my (Bria’s) 32nd birthday (gulp). My mom sent me a “party in a box” so we were able to decorate the trailer with festive b-day style. We visited a lovely hotel called the Broadmoor where we gorged ourselves on their Sunday brunch. So fun, but we literally got sick from eating too much! James generously took me to see a chick flick later that evening! We finished off the day with ice cream cake… a great birthday on the road!


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