The Stories We Could Tell

Day #1, Brewery #1

As some of you may know, James loves to brew his own beer (which I happen to think is delicious and happily consume). So we decided one goal of our trip would be to try to hit as many local breweries as possible on this adventure of ours. So it would only make sense that on the first official night of our trip we would hit the Grand Canyon Brewing Co. After announcing our interest in beer making they gave us a tour of the facility. Great beer, friendly people, and greasy food… so far so good.

We sampled their stout and wheat beers:
Stout: smooth, lightly carbonated, chocolatey, great with the BBQ ribs
Wheat: similar to a heff but filtered (not cloudy), also lightly carbonated

They told us this place is owned by some Germans that like to keep the beer less carbonated to make it more “drinkable” (was the response when I asked them about the light carbonation). Basically, you can drink them faster.


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  1. WOW…what an adventure, going across the “fruited plains” Hi you sweeties, this is a fantastic opportunity to see this awesome country of ours. Ken and I have traveled to many of our great states and each one holds its own,very amazing history and beauty. Be safe, have fun and come back with lots of stories. Sending my biggest loves, Auntie xxoo I’ll be following along with every fun mile!

    Comment by Auntie | May 9, 2010 | Reply


    Comment by Adrian Kulinski | May 11, 2010 | Reply

  3. Brewery hopping is a good thing. Ken and I did that too. Uncle Ken had a set of maps from Coops (he thinks) that we would refer to wherever we stopped. We tried to get to as many as we could. Some good – some not so – but fun, fun, fun! Slainte!

    Comment by Jamey | May 11, 2010 | Reply

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